Batter Plaice with Mushrooms and Cherry Tomatoes Recipe

How to prepare easily a batter plaice at home.

Plaice is a common name used for a group of flatfish. There are four species in the group, the European, American, Alaskan and scale-eye plaice.

Commercially the most important plaice is the European plaice. This is the principal commercial flatfish in Europe. It is also widely fished recreationally, has potential as an aquaculture species, and is kept as an aquarium fish. Also commercially important is the American plaice.

Batter Plaice served with mushrooms

The recipe is really simple, everyone can do it doesn’t matter how much experience you have, this doesn’t require it.If you like fish this is the recipe you were looking for.

Tip: Prepare the mushrooms and cherry tomatoes first, so when the fish will be ready you can serve both together. The fish is nicer if it is warm.

Ingredients for 2 :

  • 1/2 beer or less (you will use to prepare the batter)
  • 2 flatfishes (one plaice for person)
  • Mushrooms 250 gr
  • Cherry tomatoes 200 gr
  • Cube of veg stock 1
  • Oil
  • Plain flour 100 gr

Preparation of plaice:

  • Pour the beer into one plate and the plain flour into another one.
  • Take one the plaice at the time and let it rest for 2 minutes in the beer.  After 1 minute change side. 
  • Then move the plaice to the second plate where there is the flour. Do the same, after one minute change side.
  • Now add the oil to a pan, and when it is warm add the plaice. Let it get golden and then turn on the other side and place on a plate covered with some kitchen paper to absorb the oil.
  • Serve with you favourite site, in this case I prepared mushroom with cherry tomatoes.

Preparation of mushrooms and cherry tomatoes: 

  • Add oil to the pan.
  • When warmed up, add the cut and washed mushroom and cherry tomatoes to a pan with an extra drop of water to help to make the sauce.
  • After 1/2 minute, add one cube of veg. stock which will give a taste to you dish.
  • Check and season more with herbs if you think you need.
  • Tip: I added dried chives, parsley to season this dish, I love playing with herbs.
  • Now, let mushroom and tomatoes cook.
  • Tip:  I use cubes of vegetable instead of adding salt. I think is better and healthy too.
  • Serve this side with you flatfish immediately.
  • Tip: If the flatfishes are fresh, the cooking time won’t take longer than 4-5 minutes.  Lidl sell fresh plaice, I bought mine there.

This is a simple recipe, I hope you likes it as much I did.

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