Christmas Lunch: Tree Birds with mushrooms, roasted vegetable and Brussels sprouts recipes

What can you buy to have a cheap Xmas lunch at home?. Nowadays, Christmas is a race to the supermarket. We have forgotten that a good Christmas dinner just need few simple ingredients to make your Xmas amazing.

Today I decide to prepare a Tree Birds with mushrooms, roasted vegetable and Brussels sprouts.

Preparation and cooking time : 2 and half hour.

tree birds cooked in the oven


  • Tree Birds from Lidl.
  • 1 courgette
  • 7 potatoes
  • 2 carrots
  • herbs of provence
  • 250 gr of mushrooms
  • white wine, 1/2 glass
  • parsley
  • oregano
  • oil extra virgin olive

Preparation of Vegetables: 

cut vegetables and add some oil, then mix well the veg

  • Wash the potatoes and peel them and cut your potatoes into small pieces.
  • Do the same with the carrots and courgette. I didn’t add too many carrots and courgette , because I jus wanted to give some colour to the vegetable dish.
  • Add oregano, herbs provence and oil extra virgin olive.
  • Mix well, adding enough oil the vegetables will not stick to the pan during the cooking time.

add oil and herbs to the vegetables

  • The vegetables are cooked when both carrots and courgette are tender as your potatoes.

Preparation of Tree Birds:

First, pre-heating the oven at 200 degrees. I didn’t prepare the beef, I bought it in lidl: 1.5 kg (16 euro)

  • Cook the tree birds for 2 hours.
  • After an hour, sprinkle the outside with lard and put the vegetables in the oven too.
  • After 2 hours, take the tree bird off from the oven and let the vegetable to roast.

tree birds cooked

Preparation of Brussels sprouts

  • In the main time prepare the Brussels sprouts. You will boil them until tender in a medium pan. Dry them and serve with cranberry sauce.

Preparation of Mushrooms 

  • Wash and cut 250 gr of mushrooms.
  • Add oli to the pan and 1/4 of onion. Fry for 2 mins.
  • Add mushroom to the pan and let them cook. Add more oil if you think you need it.
  • Season with white whine after 15 minutes and let it evaporate for 10 mins.
  • Then, season with parsley.
  • In a large bowl, serve the your roasted vegetables.

roasted veg served in a large bowl

  • Now that everything is cooked, serve the mushroom in a plate with beef and brussels sprouts and roasted vegetables.

tree birds served with brussels sprouts and roasted vegetables

Wishing you all a peaceful, happy, blessed and magical Christmas. See you back here in 2013.

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