Potato Onion Omelette Recipe

How to prepare a Potato Onion Omelette recipe at home?

Spanish love eggs and they are crazy about  their Tortilla dishes, but what people may not know is that Italians prepare amazing omelettes too, using the same ingredients. We just call this reciped “Frittata con patate” (omelette with potatoes).

cherries tomatoes -onions-potatoes-cheese omelette

Potato onion omelette, also known in Latin America as torta de papas or tortilla espanola, can be a great one-dish supper, thanks to simple ingredients that are often find in the fridge: ham, bacon, courgettes, mushrooms, red peppers, and cheese. All are good choices. My best advice would be not to put everything into the omelette but find one main ingredent. For example, if you like ham, use it with cheese. If you don’t eat meat, you can go with tomatoes and cheese for example. It is up to you on what to add to the eggs and the potatoes.


1 onion. Red or white, big or small. It depends on your taste. I use red onions
3 Potatoes. I use the yellow fleshed but up to you on the type.
4 eggs for 2 people, 5 eggs for 3 people.
Pinch of salt (you put more based on your taste)
ground pepper (depends on your taste)


What size of the fry pan? Somebody asked me the size of the fry pan. This is up to you, because it depends if you want a thick or thin omelette. In case you like a thick omelette, you can go for a 15 cm (5.9 inch) diameter fry pan. For a thinner omelette, get a 20 cm (7.8 inch) fry pan.

Fry the Onions and the potatoes. In a large non-stick fry pan, over medium-high heat, cook together in the oil (2-3 table spoon) the onions, previously chopped and potatoes, previously sliced. Stir frequently for about 10 minutes and avoid the potatoes and onions to stick to the pan.
Season it with salt and ground pepper. Let cool the onions and potatoes. You have now to use the eggs.

Preheat the oven to 180°C. You will need it for the last part of the recipe. If your oven has the grill on top, use the grill.

In a bowl, gently beat the eggs till you see a unified mixture. Get the fry pan where you left the onions and potators and add them into the bowl and stir. Add the fine corsed salt depending on you taste. Usually potatotes tend to reduce the salt in a recipe, so please consider this if you like salty dishes. Don’t put the fry pan away or into the sink. You will need to reuse it now.

Get the fry pan you used before. Ensure it is clean. No need to wash it but be sure there are no leftovers on it or burned onions. Add 2 table spoons of olive oil and heat up till you see the oil being more fluid and moving faster when you move the pan. It means the oil reached the right temperature. Be sure the oil is distributed even among the pan.

Get the bowl with all the ingredients and gently drop them into the fry pan. Distribute the mixture even along the pan, ensuring to see the same level of eight. Reduce the heating. Leave to cook for 10 mins but check now and then that the bottom of the omelette doesn’ burn.

Now is the time for the top part of the omelette. You have your oven hot and ready.  Take around 10 cm (4 inch) of kitchen foil and wrap around the handle of the pan. This will prevent the temperature in the oven to melt the handle. If the handle is bigger, just get more foil.
Move the pan into the oven. Grill it until the top of the omelette is slightly puffy and the center is set. You will see that the top starts to change colour to brownish and it is more firm and dry. There is no exact time for that, it can be 5-6 minutes.

potato onion omelette serve in a large plate

When it is ready, take the pan out the oven and arrange on a platter and serve it.
You can serve sliced or as I did just like it is.

If you like an italian version of this, before moving into the oven add on top some grated cheese, if you have parmisan would be the best.

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