Homemade Milanese Cutlet Recipe

In this post, I will explain how to prepare the Milanese cutlet easily at home.

The Milanese cutlet owes its name to the cut of meat used, the rib of calf formed by chine, which must have a thickness of at least 3 cm. In this recipe, I cooked chicken breasts. This is easy and perfect dinner or lunch for you and your children.

milanese cutlet served with salad and omelette


  • This recipe can be another alternative for making your sandwich or panini. In fact, if you are thinking to go away for the weekend,  you can fill your bread with one milanese cutlet and some salad. You will be surprised how amazing is its taste. 

Ingredients for milanese cutlet:  

  • 4 chicken breasts
  • 200 g bread crumbs
  • 2 eggs
  • pinch of sea salt
  • a little bit oil or 200 gr. butter for frying (see notes)

Preparation of milanese cutlet

  • The Milanese cutlet is a very simple recipe and easy to prepare: meat, without being beaten, is passed in the egg and then in bread crumbs then fried in some oil.
  • Tip: To achieve the Milanese cutlet, meat should not be beaten with meat tenderizer.
  • At this point, beat the eggs in a bowl and in another bowl, add the grated bread that you can buy in the supermarket.
  • Tip: The fresh grated bread crumbs (from some good leftover french bread) is the best!  This depends if you have it.  I usually buy a bag of bread crumbs at supermarket so I can use any time I need it.
  • Continuing with the preparation of the chicken breast, past each side into the egg and subsequently slammed in breadcrumbs or grated bread; press the meat well into the grated bread. The chicken breast have to adhere to the bread crumbs completely.
  • Place the oil in a pan, let it fry 2 mins, then add the chicken breasts and let them brown well on both sides of over medium-low. If you fry two chicken breasts at a time, when you are finished clean the pan and fry the remaining chicken with new oil.
  • Serve your chicken breasts are still hot, but before you do, be sure you sue some kitchen paper to absorb a part the fried oil. It will be healthier at the end.


  1. If you prefer to make lighter, I recommend to use the extra virgin olive oil for frying. Anyway, it will not be the same thing as the tradition wants
  2. If you like the butter, substitute the oil with the butter.  Nothing change at the end. It depends on your personal taste.

Preparation of cutlets with butter:

  • If you use the butter, place the butter in a pan, let it melt and then fry it for 2 minutes (should become light brown.
  • If you fry two chicken breasts at a time, use half the butter (100 gr.) and when you finished, clean the pan and fry the remaining 2 chicken breasts with the remaining butter.
  • If you have some beaten egg left, fry it and serve on the top of your salad as I did. It will give some colour to you dish and at the same time you won’t waste any ingredients.

Hope you will enjoy it as much I did yesterday for dinner.

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