Love and Peace Saint Valentine Cookies Recipe

Today I will explain how to surprise your lover baking Saint Valentine cookies.

Biscuits can be a fantastic idea: easy to make, they don’t require particular skills or too much time and they are not so expensive to make. The ingredients are also cheap and available almost the time in any kitchen. These are all good reasons to try to bake biscuits at least once in your life and why not for Saint Valentine’s day?

Few months ago, I prepared and frozen homemade sweet pastry. So, last week I decided to prepare mini tarts (see my recipe) and also I decided to celebrate Saint Valentine in advance. In this post, I am going to give just an idea of what to bake for Saint Valentine’s day, Saint Valentine Cookies.

Saint Valentine cookies (hearts)

Saint Valentine cookies can be perfect at breakfast or after dinner with you favourite drink. In this post, I served biscuit with Vin Santo, have a look, it might be exactly what you are looking for.

Ingredients of Saint Valentine cookies:

  • All what you need is to prepare Sweet Shortcrust Pastry for Saint Valentine cookies, which you can find in one of my previous post.

Preparation of Saint Valentine cookies:

  • Sprinkle the work surface with flour
  • Roll the pastry

roll the pastry out for your Saint Valentine Cookies

  • Use the biscuit cutters of Saint Valentine to prepare Saint Valentine cookies
  • Deep your biscuit cutter into the flour before cutting the pastry.

utensils for Saint Valentine Cookies

  • When all the biscuits are prepared, brush the egg white on each cookie.
  • Put your biscuits on baking pan and bake them in a pre-heated oven at 180 degrees for 15-20 mins. They are ready when golden on the top.

when golden Saint Valentine cookies are cooked

  • Tip: Don’t let them to get brown. 🙂
  • Let you cookies cool down. Serve after a couple of hours or the following day.
  • Sprinkle your Saint Valentine cookies with ice sugar if you like icing sugar.

Love at Saint Valentine with Saint Valentine cookies

Cupido as Sain Valentine cookies

kiss-cupido-hearts for Saint Valentine Cookies

  • Tip: In the preparation of pastry I added orange peel, in this way, I prepared Saint Valentines Cookies Lover with orange flavour.
  • Few more recipes will be posted in the next days. I just got today new Saint Valentine’ pans. Looking forward to showing you what is my next recipe.

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