Starters: Mozzarella, Tomatoes and cucumbers on skewers

This is a quick and easy recipe idea that will impress your guests: Mini mozzarella, cherry tomatoes and mini cucumbers. This starter is awesome during spring and summer, accompanied by a glass or wine or a pint of fresh lager beer.

image of starters on the table
Starters on display: Pepita Chef by Domital

Preparation time takes maximum 15 minutes. All you needs is to buy these ingredients and decorate them with a BBQ stick. I bought the mini mozzarella and cherry tomatoes at LIDL, while the mini cucumbers and toothpicks at Dunnes Store in Dublin.

I recently discovered that mini cucumbers are also available in any Polish Shop (Polski Sklep) in Dublin. They sell them in different sizes: So, you can experiment the same starter in different ways: It worth a try!

cherry mozzarella on display
A zoom on my cherry mozzarella

How can you serve those spring skewers? Well, first of all, take one toothpick and fill them adding one mozzarella, one cherry tomato and one cucumber. Repeat this sequence until you rich the end of the toothpick. Then do it again with another one, until you filled all the others or the ones you need. Again, you can use a traditional cheddar cheese instead of mozzarella if your taste is different. The same for cucumber, you can add green olives if you wish.

Then you have to present the starter. The presentation is the most exciting part for me. In this case, I used my last and new kitchen utensil: The Pepita Chef by Domital (more info about this product on the official website – Domital) where it seems doing a great job. 

humus on top of pepita chef

Since I am baking and cooking at home, I also realized how important it is the choice of the utensil I use. The cleaning part isn’t my favourite one but thanks to the right utensils, it is becaming simple to clean and re-order my kitchen. This sound pretty good to me. 

y a handy kitchen utensil : pepita chef

Happy Party and Buon Appetito!

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