How to make Halloween cookies

This is a great fun idea to how simply make Halloween Cookies. I baked this cookies with shapes of pumpkin, spider, witch, ghost, cat, brooms. Isn’t enought shapes? This also and alternative healthy way to sweets and candies rich of sugar with colours and preservatives. Treat your spooky guests in an alternative healthy way and also you will treat your wallet good too, as they are cheaper than other sweets you buy in a supermarket. So what are you waiting for? Lets bake it!!!!!

Halloween biscuits

In order to make this Halloween biscuits you need to prepare the basic dough, the same used to regular hand made biscuits. You can find here

These frightful Halloween are also delicate — and a little spooky, too. So, why don’t surprise guests with these spooky cookies on All Hallow’s Eve?. Spike the colored layers of these treats with food colours for a new take on Halloween’s signature cookies.

They’re very simple to prepare. The heat of the oven does most of the work, transforming mounds of the easy-to-make dough into thin and crisp cookies. Just add a fanciful drizzle of colour, chocolate and they’ll disappear before you can say, “Boo!” photos….  

biscuits preparation

More biscuit cutters

cut the biscuits

shaped bat biscuit

Tip: Decorate the Halloween cookies with the food colour of Dr. Oetker, which I bought at Dunnes store in Dublin. I am sure you can find them in any supermarket near by you. 

shaped cat biscuit

halloween spider biscuithalloween witch biscuit

a spider and his cobweb

halloween witch and her broom

ghost biscuit

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